Retune. Refine. Restore. Reflect. Redefine Your Sacred Self.

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Join Natalie and Charli in Santorini Greece this summer for the ultimate 'Divine Soul-full' WellBEing Holiday.


Open to all and designed with your deepest healing in mind. 

Santorini is known as the 'Miracle Island' and the energy of this place alone is set to activate your energy body into new dimensions.

Charli and Natalie have created 8 delicious mindful blissful days designed to honour the beauty, wonder and relevance this sacred land brings. Allowing you the space, freedom and guidance for your entire being to be brought into alignment.


Bringing over 36hrs of Guided Tuition delivered through Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work, Sacred Sound, Kirtan, Circles, Dance, Creativity, Art, Clay Modelling, Writing, Poetry, Song, Soul Vision to fully embrace and absorb the magnificence Santorini brings to the soul and a reminder to self you are a perfect balanced magnificent being, heading you home with a deeper sense of your true nature. 

Itinerary Overview

Day 1 - Travel. Settle. Welcome



Day 2 - Nurture. Connection, Unity

Present & Physical Awareness

Led by Natalie & Charli


Day 3 - Aphrodite Goddess Honouring

Divine Sensual Self Awareness

Led by Natalie 

Day 4 - Journey to Atman

Balanced - 5 Layers

Led by Charli 

Day 5 - Sacred Site Land Excursion 

Appreciation of the senses - seeing, feeling, earth, land architecture


Day 6 - Sirens  & Mermaids

The Unkown, Dreamworld, Mythology

Led by Natalie & Charli


Day 7 - Red Beach by Horseback

Water, Mystical, Reflection


Day 8 - Nea Kameni Fire Honouring 

Fire, Manifesting, Releasing & Grounding

Led by Natalie & Charli

Day 9 - Caldera Sailing Trip & Hot Springs

Universal Connection. Earth. We are One. 


Day 10 - Homebound Travel

NB. On Excursion Days to enhance and seal the intention of the day there will also be a Yoga Practice (7-8am) & a Closing Circle (8-9pm)


Includes :-




Tuition & Materials

Excludes : Flights & Excursions* 

 *Prices available on booking form

30% Deposit Deadline 1st April 2019 


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Natalie Sophia

Teacher : Writer : Intuitive Healer : Health Coach : Vocalist : Musician


Natalie is a certified & practicing Yoga Teacher, Reiki & CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Practitioner, and writer/contributor at Rebelle Society based in Minnesota, USA. The foundation of her practice and teaching combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, she strives to promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in personal health and well-being. Natalie's classes are heart centered and intuitively guided, with the intention of awakening the guru within. 

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Charli Sparks

Teacher : Writer : Healer : Speaker : Vocalist

'I truly work always from my heart centre, the place of love, compassion and understanding, especially to those who are in need of support, kindness and selfless love. To help mother earth raise the vibration of humanity in this land, to bring a moment of peace, support, faith and hope to those who are needing some gentleness along their journey to allow themselves to feel whole again or to put fire into

their soul to find their truth and let it be heard and explored with courage .’ C.Sparks 

Charli based in Sussex, UK teaches across the globe sharing her light, joy and knowledge, leading Teacher Training Courses & CPD Courses. Guest Speaking & Teaching at Exhibitions such as The Yoga Show, Vitality Show, Fertility Show & Festivals such as Beltane, Lost Village & Larmer Tree. Hosting National & International Retreats to bring balance and positivity to ones mind, body and spirit. 

Creator & Founder Yoga Rhythm (2005) ( : Founder Sacred Space (2018) 

500hrs YA E-RYT : Yoga Therapy : Yoga Nidra : Sound Energy Medicine Therapist

Acrobatics & Dance Teacher: Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher : Motivational Speaker :

Yoga Rhythm Foundation Series DVD : Natural Fertility Booster Series DVD. Now available on Virgin Media App & Amazon Fire App.